Frank Kilkelly Accompanying Irish Music On Guitar PDF

Frank Kilkelly - Accompanying Irish Music On Guitar

Oct 24, 2021

Frank Kilkelly Accompanying Irish Music On Guitar PDF. This book and its companion recording give an insight into some of the many guitar styles that have been developed to accompany Irish music. The author assumes a basic understanding of guitar chords and strumming ability but no specific knowledge of Irish music. He delves into DADGAD, dropped D and double dropped D tunings and several different ways of playing in each tuning. Although the range of styles presented is not exhaustive, by analyzing the styles which are presented, the author covers all of the elements that go into making any style, thereby leaving you better equipped to both develop your own style and figure out the subtleties of any other style you may come across. The companion recording is essential to understanding.
Frank Kilkelly has put together a very good primer. He offers several different rhythm techniques, many different chord voicings (all diagrammed well), several kinds of tunes (jigs, reels, hornpipes). He also offers several tunings. He offers 2-3 tunes in standard tuning, dropped D tuning, double dropped D and DADGAD. For someone used to standard tuning this a good way to ease into the alternate tunings common to Celtic music. He also offers useful commentary for each tune.

Format: PDF, 44 pages

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