Dave Celentano Monster Scales and Modes PDF

Dave Celentano - Monster Scales and Modes

Oct 14, 2020

Dave Celentano Monster Scales and Modes PDF. At first glance, the book looks thinner than most comics, but once you dive in, you'll soon find a wealth of scale info presented in a simple and easy manner. It cleared up the application and use of the ever confusing "modes".  Its has all the basic scales and exotic scales and modes. There are diagrams for each position and then a diagram of the scale all the way up the fretboard.
This book is a complete compilation of scales, modes, exotic scales, and theory. It covers the most common and exotic scales, theory on how they're constructed and practical applications. No prior music theory is necessary since every section is broken down and explained very clearly. If you ever dreamed to play classic music like Mozart or Bach with your electric guitar, download Dave Celentano - Rock Around The Classics for review

Format: PDF, 48 pages

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12 comments on “Dave Celentano - Monster Scales and Modes”

  1. Monster Scales and Modes How do I download this book from your site?

  2. this Celentano book "Monster Scales & Modes" good for applying in guitar experience good for practice..

  3. Monster scales i one of the best little treasures of the guitar heaven :0)

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