Wayne Hawkins Piano Aerobics PDF

Wayne Hawkins - Piano Aerobics

Apr 13, 2022

Wayne Hawkins Piano Aerobics PDF. A Multi-Style, 40-Week Workout Program for Building Real-World Technique. Keyboard Instruction. Written by Kansas City's first-call keyboardist Wayne Hawkins, Piano Aerobics is a multi-style, 40-week workout program for building real-world technique. Often when students decide to play in contemporary styles, they lack the chops for the job. The exercises in Piano Aerobics will introduce students to styles such as jazz, salsa, swing, rock, blues, new age, gospel, stride and bossa nova, and help them play with more musical flair. Concepts covered include: keeping time; hand independence; articulations; building a better touch; strengthening weak fingers; accompanying; using the thumb; ear training; and more. The audio features professional musicians performing accompaniment tracks in each style.

Format: PDF (EPUB) + Audio tracks (Mp3). 160 pages

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