David Garibaldi Future Sounds PDF

David Garibaldi - Future Sounds

May 19, 2024

David Garibaldi Future Sounds PDF. Future Sounds is a presentation of ideas for the drum set that is applicable to, and inspired by, contemporary music. The main objective of this work is to help the aspiring drummer in the lengthy process of becoming an individual with a unique, original drum-set vocabulary. One reason good players become great is that at some point in their development they began to focus on what they wanted to express musically instead of continuing to copy their favorite players. Ideally, through lots of playing, practicing, thinking things through, listening, exchanging ideas with others and experimentation, the player will have developed a style and sound of his or her own, as well as many musical ideas. Whether you play rock, heavy metal, jazz or funk, you'll learn to incorporate Garibaldi's contemporary linear styles and musical concepts into your playing and develop your own unique drumset vocabulary.
If you really wanna funk and improve your coordination of all your limbs on the drumset this is THE BOOK to get to it. It's a killer. Every page is a challenge and you really feel how you are growing with every page. And the best thing is, it's fun to play all this stuff that David wrote and it's usable in your everyday drumming. Everything is special and has a magic touch. There is nothing to compare to it on the book market. If you want to make some giant steps forward it's a must!!
It's a very difficult book to master, but the beauty of this book is, it's a complete step-by-step process. What you do is practice all the exercises with a metronome between 60-80 beats per minutes. Once you feel comfortable with the current exercise, you pick up the tempo just a little bit, then you move on to the next exercise. Before you know it, you're playing the techniques with more intent and conviction and it becomes a natural part of your playing. This approach to drumming is completely unorthodox to what you're probably used to. But once you've done this for a while, it becomes second nature and it becomes part of your drumming vocabulary. Get this book, work through it, and become the funk drummer that your drumming potential will allow you to become. You will not regret it!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 67 pages

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  1. Can you provide another link for regular users? I could not download it:(

  2. gracias por los materias, son muy bueno y de mucha ayuda 🙂

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