David Garibaldi The Funky Beat PDF

David Garibaldi - The Funky Beat

Jan 17, 2021

David Garibaldi The Funky Beat PDF. In The Funky Beat, David focuses on combining funk and jazz with Afro-Cuban rhythms to extend his own innovative style. By dissecting his grooves and musical choices for each song on the CD, David demonstrates how to develop musical skills and how to create a signature sound.
This book/audio package includes eight charts and two CDs mixed with and without drums for play-along usage. As a bonus, David transcribes and explains eleven of his legendary Tower of Power grooves.
The book explains the seminal James Brown funk grooves and how to build upon them, the Tower Of Power grooves that Garibaldi made famous with that band, and has eight funk-fusion music tracks with and without drums, charts of those songs and developmental analysis of the different grooves used in those songs. The drum solo alone on the CD is worth the price of admission. There is also a companion video called "Tower of Groove" that shows Garibaldi and a very tight band playing these songs.
You will not be disappointed with this book. Great for those students moving into high school and even some advanced Junior High drummers. Each groove is broken down into manageable pieces then combined together. The book allows the student to build their funk vocabulary without being intimidated. This is a very useful and fun book.


  • Building The Funky Beat
  • 4-N Matter
  • Soca-Rumba
  • The Tower of Power
  • Black Nine
  • Escape From Oakland
  • Lakeside Shuffle
  • The Box
  • Color Complex
  • Cobra

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 59 pages

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  1. oh great! thats is my favorite album that i need to play with my friends

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  4. Perfecto para practicar el pulso con una buena banda!!

  5. un libro perfecto y muy bueno para aquellos bateristas q buscan mejorar en lo q son tiempos muy buen libro ademas para todo tipo de bateristas

  6. muy buen libro ademas es muy avanzado para aquellos bateristas q prefieren tocar algo descabellado y con destiempos

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all from Greece.Great site.I can find anything I was looking for long time.Thank you very much faststrings.Milt.

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