David Garibaldi Lessons Breaking the Code

David Garibaldi - Lessons: Breaking the Code

Jul 10, 2020

David Garibaldi Lessons Breaking the Code. Expanding on the information in his award-winning Code Of Funk book/audio package, and drawing from his experience with the legendary Tower Of Power, world-renowned drummer David Garibaldi’s new Lessons: Breaking The Code DVD provides some of the most insightful instructional content ever available on the subject of funk drumming.
The comfortable sound and feel of the funk style have become the rhythmic foundation of modern rock, pop, R&B and hip-hop music, and in Breaking The Code Garibaldi offers an overview of the general concepts and techniques used to create funk drumming’s characteristic sounds and infectious grooves while showcasing his own contributions to the style.
This video is a great one if you like to play funk on the drums. He covers the importance of ghosting the notes and using two different stick heights during your playing. Simple, yet informative. All in all, a good DVD from a great funk drummer. Makes you feel like you are taking a lesson from him, especially towards the end of the DVD when he is sort of instructing. Well worth it if you are into funk playing. Could help rock players as well. If your interested in funk drumming... this is the book/cd for you. It's fairly advanced material so would not be appropriate for a beginner. Good stuff. It gives you things to work. And work you must to get just a few of the skills that this monster player will share. He is a great educator. Everything is well-explained. His concepts are amazing. His philosophy in drumming is profound.
Garibaldi is an amazing drummer with a unique approach that can help elevate any drummer's skill level and repertoire no matter what genre(s) you play. I would recommend using it along with the book "The Code of Funk" which comes with the play along cd. I think it is great that some of the most successful drummers have made dvd's which allows the drumming community the opportunity to learn with masters when we otherwise never would have had the chance. Really immersing yourself in a dvd like this can't help but broaden your view of things.

Language: English
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running time: 02:19:52
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720x480 7000 kbps 16:9
Audio: AC3 256 kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 4.7 Gb

David Garibaldi - Lessons: Breaking the Code
David Garibaldi - Lessons: Breaking the Code
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24 comments on “David Garibaldi - Lessons: Breaking the Code”

  1. Please upload the files on


    simple to use and free and fast.

  2. Please use a different file host. ex-load only allows one file download per day. At this rate, it'll take me nine days just to download this DVD! Haha

  3. i heard about the award winning artist david garibaldi one of my favourite drummer ever noticed

  4. thks admin !
    this is a great download from David Garibaldi. Just one thing : May be I am wrong but the pdf included is the future sound book and note the breaking the code handbook. I don't if this is correct or not...

  5. since i run into some problems extracted, here is what i did and worked

    you need to extract it with winrar. after it opens the window with the error messages, don’t close anything, don’t touch anything, just let it automatically create a new path and extract the things there

    thanx admin for everything

  6. Found a way to get the info, had to uncompress each file separately, and save each one with its corresponding software.

    Thanks for everything!!!

  7. David Girabaldi's lesson is challenging and interesting - thanks!

  8. great job boys. Thank you very much from Argentina!!!

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