The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method Basics 1 PDF

The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method - Basics 1

Jan 23, 2022

The Wolf Marshall Guitar Method Basics 1 PDF. This first book launches you straight into a hands-on contemporary approach to learning the basics of both guitar and music. The essential visual element of shapes and patterns on the fingerboard unlock the secret to successful and creative playing. You'll learn exciting power chords, strum patterns, riffs, guitar techniques like muting and string bending, and 12 bar blues progression. All presented with contemporary music examples and figures (from rockabilly to hard rock). In addition, you'll gain essential musical knowledge from the basics of notation (including tablature and grids), rhythm and meter and intervals transposition. Special Playing Tips and Music Builders sections further enhance your guitar and music chops.

It works well because it is centered around learning rock guitar and has a smooth learning curve. It focuses on open position power chords, riffs, and elementary lead playing. This book book should be used with supplementary material so it may not be a good self learning book.
It provides students with a good understanding of rock rhythms, meter, and simple rock riffs. It also exposes the student to the ever popular 12 bar blues and 1, 4, 5 chord progressions.
Even though this is just Basic 1, anyone desiring to learn to play guitar from scratch needs this entire course, including the Power Studies volumes.

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Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 66 pages

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