Mark Hanson - The Art Of Contemporary Travis Picking

Mark Hanson - The Art Of Contemporary Travis Picking

Jul 8, 2022

Mark Hanson is considered to be among the top instructors today in the fingerstyle domain. He regularly holds fingerstyle workshops and has authored over 30 books and videos, all on the same subject - fingerstyle guitar. He has also interviewed several fingerstyle authorities such as Leo Kottke and James Taylor.
If you have been playing guitar for a bit and have learned the standard 5-6 chords, but are no longer satisfied, then this book can get you to the next level.
Step by step he takes you through difficult arrangements, so that with some practice you have some beautifully original tunes under your belt. He quickly disposes with standard open chords and opens up the neck of the guitar to exploration and discovery to a range of sounds. He doesn't go into theory which is either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you look at it.
This is really a great book for teaching Travis finger picking. It starts slowly and works up in difficulty. You use the simple examples playing simple (yet interesting sounding) songs. In the end you're doing some pretty intricate plucking and playing some really interesting songs. And the accompanying CD gives you slow and then full speed examples of how you should sound. This really helps. One thing the book can't do is compress the time it takes to condition your fingers to move as they should. But it at least gets you practicing in a way that promises to yield a pleasing result.
By mastering all techniques described in the book, you will be on your way to elevating the Travis pick from a basic chordal accompaniment to a complex solo style!


  • 14 guitar solos
  • instructional and performance CD
  • standard notation and tablature
  • comprehensive list of alternating-bass pieces
  • detailed and thorough instruction

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 67 pages

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