Keith Rosier Jump n Blues Bass PDF

Keith Rosier - Jump n Blues Bass

Mar 2, 2022

Keith Rosier Jump n Blues Bass PDF. Bass Builders. Essential jump/swing and modern blues bass lines for electric and upright players. Includes lessons and music in the style of Willie Dixon, Larry Taylor, Edgar Willis, Duck Dunn, Tommy Shannon, and more! The audio includes a live blues band with over 20 play-along tracks.
There are many good tips in this book, but the best one tip given is to not overplay. "You have nothing to prove in a blues band", say Keith. This an important point and some may find some of the things here simple, but, that's the blues! There are a variety of grooves here, fast, slow medium-enough material for anyone to work on. And plenty of good advice from setting up the bass to getting a good blues tone.
The author goes through myriad bass styles from Stevie Ray Vaughan's bassist to the guy from Blues Brothers (Dunn) and many others. By playing along with the CD which contains a full band you can pick up their styles right away. Plus, it is both in Tab and music and it lays out the chord changes so that you know what key you are playing in.
What a great bass blues book, with an unfortunate title. Keith covers some of the blues "greats" - "Duck Dunn", Tommy Shannon, etc. by using blues tunes to showcase the individual styles. Presented in notes and tabs with an accompanying CD. The CD allows you to "dump" the bass and play along with the band. Also, good commentaries on what makes a good blues bass player. The "Jump n" part of the title made me think the book only covered "old" blues styles, but it is a great overview of many styles.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 55 pages

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