Troy Stetina Fretboard Mastery PDF

Troy Stetina - Fretboard Mastery

Feb 24, 2021

Troy Stetina Fretboard Mastery PDF. Book with accompanying CD helps you to untangle the mysterious regions of the guitar fretboard and unlock your potential. Fretboard Mastery familiarizes you with all the shapes you need to know by applying them in real musical examples, thereby reinforcing and reaffirming your newfound knowledge. The result is a much higher level of comprehension and retention of how to play your guitar.
The book is broken down into five sections each covering several different things such as recognizing intervals by ear (absolutely essential), arpeggios (some of which get really,really advanced), a crazy amount of scales and exercises to help memorize them, chord resolution (something more books need to cover), and lots of tips on soloing.
Another great thing is that this book puts a lot of emphasis on developing your ear which is usually either only briefly mentioned in other books or not discussed at all. One word of warning though: this is definitely not a book for beginners.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 168 pages

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