Tim Quinn Fluid Soloing Book 3 Chord-Lead Soloing for Guitar PDF

Tim Quinn - Chord-Lead Soloing for Guitar

May 25, 2023

Tim Quinn Fluid Soloing Book 3 Chord-Lead Soloing for Guitar PDF. It is a complete method for developing fluid double-stop chord melody. This style of playing can be heard most notably in the playing of Jimi Hendrix (in songs such as The Wind Cries Mary , Little Wing , and Castles Made of Sand ), as well in the music of the guitarists he influenced, including Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Chord-lead style playing bridges the gap between straight lead and strictly rhythm, because it is simultaneously chordal (implying a specific major or minor chord) and melodic (carrying a distinct singable melody). This book shows the guitarist how to develop this technique and create continuous connections of moving voicings, merging lead and rhythm into one flowing melodic chordal texture. This is accomplished through a comprehensive collection of chord-lead phrases, each of which is presented in at least three different fingerings (important for whole-neck flow). These phrases are then assembled into soloing etudes that demonstrate practical application over different chord progressions Chord-lead playing can be adapted to every style of music, including rock, jazz, blues, alternative, funk, R&B, country, and pop. Mastering chord-lead soloing also greatly increases a guitarist s ability to stand alone ; that is, to play by himself unaccompanied by other musicians, mixing and switching between chording and lead improvisation. This book is perhaps the most definitive guide ever written for mastering this highly sought after (yet elusive) style of playing. CD included. Standard notation and tablature.
The information in this book is priceless. It teaches you how to solo using arpeggios, double-stops, and sus chords. It will take a long time to work through it all but you will start seeing immediate results after just a few lessons. After just one lesson you will see results. Well, unless you are a guitar god but then you probably wouldn't be looking for instructional guitar books and reading this review.

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When the author uses words like 'fluid' and 'flowing' to describe the methods in this book, he is exactly right. The techniques in this book tie together all the ideas he teaches in his arpeggio and pentatonics books with super flowing melodic lines. This book will get you flowing from a chord triad to a fluid arpeggio followed by sus chord coloring around that arpeggio and triad shape that will flow into some pentatonics licks and right back into your chord. All this while your flowing from open strings to the 24th fret and back. Obviously, this is just an example and the possibilities are endless with the application. The books focus is creating melodies by stringing together little pieces of triads and connecting them vertically and horizontally all over the neck.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 54 pages

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4 comments on “Tim Quinn - Chord-Lead Soloing for Guitar”

  1. I have this instruction book and everything the reviewer said is true. Your playing will become more fluid and diverse when you absorb the material.

    Sincerely, Jack Weaver

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