Richard Daniels Blues Guitar Inside & Out PDF

Richard Daniels - Blues Guitar Inside & Out

Feb 11, 2021

Richard Daniels Blues Guitar Inside & Out PDF. This unique, insightful book tells the story of an old man and a boy as they travel through the history, development, implementation, and universe of the blues. Essential for every guitarist's library.
If you are serious about playing the Blues, this is one of the best investments you can make. It's a logical, precise step by step building process- packed with usable Riffs, Theory and Technique. There is not book out there that comes close.
Simple to understand, a good springboard for further exploration, a respectful approach to this mysterious music, filled with good ideas and an enlightening perspective, soulful and reverent, a blessed beginning point for a blues education.
The information is presented in the form of a story about and Old Man (called "Old Man") who teaches a young boy (called, you guessed it, "Boy") how to swing his axe. It sounds a bit hokey, but it's fun and it works. The info sticks in your brain and in your fingertips.

Format: PDF, 160 pages

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