Monster Guitar Method Volume 3

Monster Guitar Method Volume 3 - Novice, Intermediate

May 11, 2022

Monster Guitar Method Volume 3 Novice, Intermediate. This is where we start to get into the nitty-gritty. This volume is jam-packed with concepts like intervals, building scales (scale spelling) and advancing scales (harmonic minor, major pentatonic). You'll even learn the chord harmony and licks for Harmonic minor. Also there are licks for major pentatonic. You'll also take your knowledge of triads to a new Monstrous level by learning triad inversions, triad over bass note, arpeggio forms! Getting stuck playing only bar chords?
We'll show you how to break out and explore how to use triads just like guitar Monsters Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh, Pete Townshend, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan and many more! This volume is great for songwriters and those of you that want more insight, details and options. Of course you get a jam CD to go with all the cool new things you've learned!

Lessons include:

  • Intervals
  • Scale Spelling
  • Major Pentatonic Scales and Licks
  • Harmonic Minor Scales and Licks
  • Scale Patterns
  • Triads
  • Inversions
  • Arpeggios
  • Using Thirds and Sixths
  • Triad Over Bass Notes
  • And More!

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Language: English
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running time: 1h 46m
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 935.6kbps 640x480, 30.0fps
Audio: AC3 163.8kbps 48.0kHz 16bit, 2 ch
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 4 Gb

Monster Guitar Method Vol. 3 - Novice/Intermediate
Monster Guitar Method Vol. 3 - Novice/Intermediate
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