Monster Guitar Method Volume 2 Novice

Monster Guitar Method Volume 2 - Novice

Sep 23, 2021

Monster Guitar Method Volume 2 Novice download. Here is where you are going to learn how to move or 'transpose' all of the scales you learned in Volume 1 into different keys. You'll be able to figure out what chords go with any given key (chord harmony). Also, you'll be able to match major and minor scales in the same key (relative minor), as well as borrow notes or chords from different keys (parallel).
You'll get deeper into reading and playing rhythmic notation (up to sixteenth notes) and use it for some cool funk riffs as well as other jams. We've also got some other monster goodies packed in there like hammer-on and pull-off techniques, harmonics, and new blues/ rock licks. Of course you'll love the jam CD that's included.
When you're done with this one, you'll be saying 'how ya like me now?

Lessons include:

  • Playing Scales in Different Keys
  • Blues Licks
  • Advanced rhythm reading and playing (up to sixteenth notes)
  • Chord Changes
  • Major and Minor Chord Harmony
  • Parallel Minor Keys
  • Funk Rhythms
  • And More!

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Language: English
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Running time: 2h 55m
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 1002.2kbps 640x480, 30.0fps
Audio: AC3 124.5kbps 44.1kHz 16bit, 2 ch
Booklet: No
Size: 4.4 Gb

Monster Guitar Method Vol. 2 - Novice
Monster Guitar Method Vol. 2 - Novice
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