Guitar World May 2009 PDF

Guitar World May 2009

May 31, 2022

Guitar World May 2009 PDF and Mp3 CD complete issue, cover to cover. Guitar World is a monthly music magazine devoted to guitarists. It contains original interviews, album and gear reviews and guitar and bass tablature of approximately five songs each month.
Guitar World - the world's number one guitar magazine - is a monthly publication for guitarists of all levels, as well as for fans of metal, rock, emo, blues and other styles of guitar-based music. Covers the hottest new guitar players and classic guitarists, with a focus on their music, instruments, and lifestyle. In-depth interviews and features, transcriptions of new and classic songs, private guitar lessons, product reviews and columns written by top players in each of the major music genres. Guitar World May 2009 contents:

  • Transcriptions (bass lines included): "Yankee Rose" by David Lee Roth; "The Attitude Song" by Steve Vai; "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz; "Toxic Garbage Island" by Gojira; "Into The Void" by Black Sabbath.
  • Lamb Of God - Will Lamb of God's Wrath be able to best its hit predecessor, Sacrament? As their new song "Contractor" declares, it's "guaran-fucking-teed." Willie Adler and Mark Morton give Guitar World their word.
  • Mastodon - In need of a sonic transformation, Mastodon broke with their longtime producer with teamed up with hit-maker Brendan O'Brien. The result is Crack the Skye, an intense concept record involving near-death experiences, astral travel and Russian mystics. Guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher give Guitar World a look behind the curtain.
  • Steve Vai - With $5,000 and a homebuilt studio, Steve Vai recorded an album that made him a star and changed guitar music forever. On the 25th anniversary of Flex-Able, Vai delivers the most in-depth look ever into the making of his shred-tastic debut. Plus Naked Tracks lets you play along with Steve. Are you ready to walk on the Vai side?
  • Steve Vai Lesson -  Want to shred like Steve? Study these licks, tricks and techniques, and you may surprise yourself.
  • Death by Audio/A Place To Bury Strangers. With The Edge and Trent Reznor plugging into his Death by Audio effect pedals, and fans clamoring for his hot new hand, A Place to Bury Strangers, guitarist/pedal designer Oliver Ackermann has become a force to be reckoned with.
  • Derek Trucks is all grown up and glowing with confidence on Already Free, a new album recorded at home with his wife Susan Tedeschi and an extended family of friends.
  • Tune-Ups: Alice in Chains, Dave Martone, Jason Becker, Dear Guitar Hero with Uli Jon Roth, Alex Lifeson on Rush's new Retrospective III, Gojira's set list, and more!
  • Betcha Can't Play This with Marty Friedman
  • Soundcheck - Taylor SolidBody Classic SC single-coil electric guitar, Source Audio Hot Hand Soundblox pedals, Jensen Jet Blackbird 12-inch speaker and Hamer Talladega solidbody electric guitar
  • Buzz Bin N-Tune onboard chromatic tuner
  • The Hole Truth - Breedlove Atlas Series Stage Black Magic D25 acoustic-electric guitar
  • Bass Desires Fender Road Worn Series Jazz and Precision basses
  • Tech Education Cell phones and amplifiers
  • GW's Guide to Acoustic Tone. Ten fast and affordable ways to improve your acoustic tone
  • A Vulgar Display of Power - The onstage rig of Rise Against guitarist Zach Blair
  • Shred Alert with Paul Gilbert
  • The Alchemical Guitarist with Richard Lloyd
  • Time to Burn with Michael Angelo Batio
  • Jam Session with Jimmy Herring
  • All That Jazz with Vic Juris
  • Talkin' Blues with Keith Wyatt
  • Around the Bend with Jerry Donahue

Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lesson enclosed.
Text Format PDF, 100 pages

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