The Modern Drummer Magazine – 25-Year Digital Archive

Jul 03 2021

The Modern Drummer Magazine – 25-Year Digital Archive

Modern Drummer readers are famous for saving every back issue of their favorite magazine. And who can blame them? MD has covered every major drummer in history – and we’ve done it first, in greater detail, and with more insight than any other publication in history. When MD introduced the first Digital Archive several years ago, PC users all over the world flocked to take advantage of lightning-fast access to every single page MD published in its first 25 years. That’s 265 issues containing over 35,000 pages of peerless drumming journalism, news, advice, photography, printed music, reviews…. Basically, if it involves drums, it’s in the Archive.
Now MD’s Digital Archive is Cross-Platform, allowing Mac and PC users full access to MD’s historic collection of features, educational columns, and reviews. For any drummer interested in the history of their craft, this is big news indeed.
Find out why the MD Digital Archive has quickly become the most indispensable drumming resource for drum enthusiasts, who have praised it as “the reference standard for drum and percussion research for years to come,” packed with “tons of useful and relevant information.”


Language: English
Year: 1977-2001
Size: 4 Gb


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  1. Fast /

    Yes, the files are still online.

  2. boomcrash /

    We’re supposed to create a Novafile account? Before I consider doing so, are the files still there??

  3. HenriB /

    Files reuploaded.

  4. badumpsh /

    Hello, would you be so kind to re-load the files as it seems they’re expired. Thanks!

  5. yiannis2331 /

    Any chance of a reupload?

  6. leathco /

    Registered to download this, but files are gone. Can someone re-upload?

  7. ericktimbal /

    There is not Modern Drummer Archives

  8. Gardy /

    Files online!

  9. mitch /

    could you upload it back

  10. ilfrenz /

    Awesome!! thank you! :rockin:

  11. frank /

    thanks you rock !!!!!!!!

  12. bebopbop /

    thanks a lot,it’s great

  13. julio /

    thanks so much admin!!! this is awesome!!!

  14. julio /

    I have been looking everywhere for an issue I had in high school 10 years ago b/c I wanted to get another look at it from a new perspective. Hopefully I’ll find it here!

  15. julio /

    assinei essa revista por dez anos. gostaria de ter as outras para poder ver

  16. eckz /

    There’s no software ? Only the PDFs ? How can I do a research in all these files ?

  17. Renato /

    Thanks a lot, i was looking for this soooo long!!!

  18. VittorioPetrina /

    You are Great. I’m looking for this from long time!

  19. Juan /

    Thank You, you are the best!

  20. Vascampius /

    Thanks a lot, i was looking for this soooo long!!!

  21. contezero /

    THANK YOU !1 THANK YOU !! :drummer:

  22. bobby brown /

    great mag .a blessing to many up and comeing drummers keep up the good work

  23. Gin /

    thank you very much!!!!!

  24. Jogurtj /

    Thank you!!! I downloaded more than 50 gb of pure knowledge thanks to you! Thank you for makeing me a better musician! THANK YOU PEOPLE!

  25. dario /

    you are the most genious people

  26. Navid /

    thanks for sharing

  27. carte83 /

    Thanks a lot! Greetings from Medellin, Colombia

  28. dinodrums13 /

    Probably the best site on the internet for musicians. Thank you for sharing this stuff :-)

  29. NightWalker /

    great share,thank you. :drummer:

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    thanks so much admin!!! this is awesome!!! :yourock:

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    You are the best!

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