Guitar One September 2000

Guitar One September 2000

Aug 5, 2021

Guitar One September 2000 PDF download free. Guitar One Magazine is an engaging, hands-on guide for guitarists eager to learn about their instruments and the guitarists they admire. The world's greatest guitarists, bands, and music educators offer our readers exclusive interviews, feature lessons, tips and insights. For both the beginning players and the improving amateurs, Guitar One magazine will play with your mind and soul, help to expand your skill and appreciation. Guitar One gives readers tons of useful information on every page, including the most accurate and comprehensive sheet music available in both tablature and standard notation. Plus "Basic Training," "Riff Box" and "Soloing Strategies," which offer useful musical examples and insider tips that will take players to the next level.

Guitar One September 2000 contents:

  • Guitar Noise & Feedback
  • Riff Box: Southern Rock - 10 Riffs from South of the Mason-Dixon Line
  • Lesson Lab: The Power Of Pentatonics - A Comprehensive Lesson on the Popular Five-Note Major and Minor Scales
  • Roland V-Guitar System VG-88
  • Hamer Echotone - Swiss Army Guitar
  • Danelectro Pastrami Overdrive, T-Bone Distortion, BLT Slap Echo, Corned Beef Reverb - A Deli Platter of Pedals
  • Washburn D46S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - Wild, Wild Southwest
  • Rocktron Rampage R50C Amplifier - Big Sounds from a Small Rock
  • B.B. King & Eric Clapton - Riding With The King
  • Eve 6 - Promise
  • The Who - The Magic Bus
  • Larry Carlton - Don't Give It Up
  • Randy Rhoads/ Ozzy Osbourne - Dee
  • Jeff Beck - Greensleeves
  • U.P.O. - Godless
  • The Beatles - Yesterday
  • Acoustic Cafe: David Wilcox - Get Into the Creative World of an Acoustic Guitar Luminary
  • Guitar Archives: Eight-Bar Blues - A Variation of the Standard 12-Bar Form
  • Carlos Santana - Solo Stylings of the Supernatural Six-Stringer
  • Fret Buzz: Tapping Licks - Five Phrases That Will Amaze Your Friends

Text Format PDF, 97 pages

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One comment on “Guitar One September 2000”

  1. dozens of missing pages, all the interviews, etc are missing... I guess this is just how whoever scanned these mags did it, but I was looking for complete magazines. It is what it is, but downloaders should be advised, you're pretty much only getting the tabs from these Guitar One uploads.

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