Learn To Play The Beatles To A Tee Volume 1

Learn To Play The Beatles - To A Tee! Volume 1

Feb 24, 2023

Learn To Play The Beatles To A Tee Volume 1 download. If you've got to do is watch and listen to learn how to play 16 of the Fab Four's most sought after compositions on guitar!
Not only does video host Rob Taylor capture impeccably accurate guitar-only renditions of each song, but also ensures that every element of each song is included.
This enables the viewer to learn all songs in their entirety! This DVD also exclusively features a spectacular and innovative form of presentation that you just simply won't find anywhere else! A split-screen effect that shows up to 3 guitar parts being played simultaneously! This invites the viewer to learn all guitar parts that were used in each song.This 55 minute DVD undisputedly offers a far more valuable lesson in Beatles guitarmanship than any other competitive source. You won't find guitar renditions of Penny Lane, Let it be, Strawberry Fields forever, or any other non-guitar song in this DVD. You'll only find guitar-oriented songs shown the way the Beatles played them!
Rob Taylor has spent over 20 years analyzing guitar parts in Beatles music. This has earned him the ability to play a litany of Beatles songs on cue with amazing accuracy!
Don't get burned again on yet another inaccurate, uninformative instructional source created by someone who has plainly not done their homework. Rob is all too familiar with that scenario as a student of guitar, being burned himself numerous times. "I've tried to learn these songs properly for years using books, magazines, and videos." Taylor says. "Over and over with the same results ... inaccurate interpretations! Finally I developed a good sense of listening and ultimately learned that my ears were the most accurate tool for learning songs. I've enjoyed sharing my discoveries with aspiring and accomplished guitarists alike ... hence the creation of this DVD."
Rob Taylor goes on to say "One of the finest ways to appreciate Beatles music is to play it yourself, whether amongst a small circle of friends, a public performance, or just by yourself. The love of Beatles music is a fun-spirited, unifying experience that will last for generations to come. 'Learn to play the Beatles to a Tee!' exemplifies this tradition with faithful lessons of the Beatles most profound works. "When one browses the selection of songs chosen for this DVD, one might ask "Why these songs in particular?". Rob answers by saying "Well, partly because these are some of the songs that I had the hardest time learning. Such as McCartney's finger picking pattern in 'Blackbird' and 'Her Majesty' as well as Lennon's finger picking in 'Julia' and 'Dear Prudence'. Both styles are shown up-close and played slowly.
Secondly it gave the opportunity to show every part in songs such as 'Day Tripper' and 'And Your Bird Can Sing', instead of showing just the hooky riff part."
We now invite you to go to the DVD clips page to view several short real-time excerpts from the actual video. (Slower finger picking patterns, lead segments and various other important tidbits are shown throughout the video, but are not shown here).

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Learn To Play The Beatles - To A Tee! Vol. 2

Song List:

  • Please Please Me
  • All My Loving
  • Till There Was You
  • And I Love Her
  • Eight Days A Week
  • I Feel Fine
  • Yesterday
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Michelle
  • Girl
  • Day Tripper
  • And Your Bird Can Sing
  • Blackbird
  • Julia
  • Dear Prudence
  • Her Majesty
  • I'll Be Back
  • I Call Your Name

Language: English
Year: 2007
Country: UK
Running time: 62 mins
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720x480 ~8000 kbps 29.970 fps NTSC 4:3
Audio: 2 ch 24-bits 48.0 KHz
Booklet: No
Size: 3.6 Gb

Learn To Play The Beatles - To A Tee! Vol. 1

Learn To Play The Beatles - To A Tee! Vol. 1

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12 comments on “Learn To Play The Beatles - To A Tee! Volume 1”

  1. Thanks for the great learning resource. So worth paying for the faster downloads. Thanks FastStrings!

  2. great work I
    love playing Beatles tunes on my Gretsch

    best regrads

  3. Is there a way to get these files without being a premium user on Novafile? I have to wait 5 hours for the file to download, and 9 hours to start another download... it would take a few days to download all parts of each volume...

  4. No problems at all. Part 3 is downloaded completely, but I'm premium user.

  5. I can't download Part 3 of this series. After downloading it says "file moved or missing"

  6. Is there going to be any more beatles to a tee volumes. Would love to buy more if there are.

    Thanks, Steve

  7. very good my friends, very good, a like the beatles is here is all.

  8. hey, John...
    you've got to create an account,log in and then download from a link at the bottom of the screen........................

  9. im a huge beatles fan im 13 and i have played at the cavern 24 time please please let me get the links please!!!!!!!!!

  10. Just downloaded this and it seems to be working fine, thanks a lot, been looking for these for a long time.

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