Frank Gambale Speed Picking PDF

Frank Gambale - Speed Picking

Feb 1, 2022

Frank Gambale Speed Picking PDF. Over the years of playing, performing and teaching guitar, one of the biggest problems encountered is not with the left hand fingerings as much as with the right hand picking technique. Many guitarists openly admit that their picking is pretty bad.
Unfortunately, there is not much written on this particular subject and that is the purpose of this book, to give you an insight into the techniques that I have been developing and using that really work. The basic idea has been with us for many years and can be used to achieve mind-boggling speed and flawless accuracy while being completely relaxed in the right hand. Gambale explains and demonstrates sweep arpeggios, speed picking licks, harmonic superimpositions, sequence licks, and more!
First of all the CD that comes with the book features exercises that sound incredibly good. Frank Gambale plays joyous music at absolute top speed with utter freedom AND control. (What could technically be described as a series of notes comes across instead as someone "flying" or "sailing" on the guitar.) But first he slows it down, then plays the exercise at medium speed, and then at full tempo - three speeds for every exercise. A very useful approach.
Second of all, the complete, as in total, method set forth in the short accompanying book is logic-tight. You won't find anything (single-note-wise) to play that can't be played using his system. The book includes all the music (in both tablature and standard musical notation) on the CD plus instructions. The method is revolutionary but makes perfect sense. If you're fan of Gambale and serious about learning to play guitar you must have The Frank Gambale Technique Book 1 and  The Frank Gambale Technique Book 2

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 36 pages

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  1. i am fan of frank and i hope learn a lot of this book, thanks

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