Joe Franco Double Bass Drumming PDF

Joe Franco - Double Bass Drumming

Dec 23, 2021

Joe Franco Double Bass Drumming PDF. Joe Franco presents an organized discussion of this powerful and consistent sound in a method he calls "The Single Stroke System." Focusing on beats, fills, and soloing over the double bass roll, this book provides practical applications that will guide a single bass player into the world of playing two bass drums.
A great book for beginner to advanced drummers. Layed out great, easy to read, and a book you will keep and use off and on for as long as you play the drums. Also a great teaching tool. There's so much to learn in this book, it's insane! If you're looking to get into, or improve your double bass, then this is definitely a lesson book you're going to want to have! This book will definitely help you build up your chops with your feet, in addition to potentially helping you uncover some problems with hand/feet independence.
Joe does one of the greatest jobs of using double bass drum playing. He doesn't over do it in this book. The book gets you using your feet in all areas of drumming. Fills, Patterns and Rhythms. It helps you develop you brain to use you feet as equal. You will not just be some double bass trash metal drummer after this book. You learn how to use you feet equal with your hands in fills and other techniques around the set.
The Joe Franco book is straight ahead well written and filled with lots of double bass rhythms & fills. Joe will show you have to both hands & feet to play great combination fills. Just remember the main thing is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE good technique takes time and hard work to develop.

Format: PDF, 82 pages

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