The Frank Gambale Technique Book 1 PDF

The Frank Gambale Technique Book 1

Jan 7, 2023

The Frank Gambale Technique Book 1 PDF. This is an excellent book for anyone who is serious about learning to play guitar.  Gambale breaks everything down into chord types. Minor 7, major 7, unaltered dominant 7, altered dominant 7, minor 7 (b5), diminished. He attacks each chord type with several soloing approaches. He lists and gives examples of appropriate modes, arpeggios, pentatonics that can be used over that specific chord type.
This book also comes with a CD containing samples of each exercise as well as a couple short songs that Gambale has put together. I'm not a big fan of the effects he uses while playing the exercises, but it doesn't really take anything away from the learning experience. If you can get a chance to get a hold of this book you should give it a chance, but know that it will take some serious time and experimentation to make these theoretical ideas come out of your guitar as music. We also have the second book from the series - The Frank Gambale Technique Book 2.
Both Frank Gambale Technique Book I & II are essentially studies of five different improvisational approaches to tackle a particular chord type, namely: scale, pentatonics, arpeggios, triads, intervals. As such, Frank presents a wide range of harmonic possibilities on improvisation, based upon which the intelligent student can construct meaningful solos when these music elements are internalized.
Note that in those two books there is a large amount of materials to digest, however a solid understanding of these materials is fundamental to jazz improvisation. The aspiring guitarist is urged to seek ways, from other sources, to build lines once these improvisational elements are digested. Recommended for a core course of improvisation.
Its not about riffs or scales or modes - its about entire frameworks you can use for improvisation. The material is dense, it is NOT for beginners, but if you know a little about guitar and theory, this thing is incredibly valuable.
Very concise well mapped out and easy to digest. It contains a CD, explaining each lesson in detail and has standard notation as well as tab for the non reading guitarist, as well as picking direction that he uses. The selling point for this was the area where he makes use of triads for improvisation, all in all it is a winner! If anyone is unfamiliar with this mans outrageous command of the guitar and his fluent runs with monster speed and proficiency, go you tube him and you too will want to get your hands on this material...

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 86 pages

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33 comments on “The Frank Gambale Technique Book 1”

  1. I bought your book some time ago but I don't have the CD so hoew do i get the CD?

  2. Thanks Frank cause u r the reason that I started playing guitar .

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