Erik Halbig Chicken Pickin PDF

Erik Halbig - Chicken Pickin'

Feb 18, 2021

Erik Halbig Chicken Pickin' PDF. Chicken Pickin' provides a "bird's-eye-view" of this quintessential country style, teaching the techniques and licks common to playing hot lead guitar! It covers: open-string licks, double-stop licks, scales, string bending, repetitive sequences, chromatic licks and much more. The book includes standard notation and tab, and the accompanying CD features 99 demonstration tracks, with each lick in the book performed at two tempos.
There are plenty of unique licks in this book, good open string licks, and other good licks. This book is for intermediate/advanced players. Unfortunately, there are also a bunch of mistakes, particularly in terms of not notating hammers and pulls. The book is great in spite of this. In term's of value of the book you get a lot of material to work on for about the cost of one guitar lesson.
This book definitely helpful for any intermediate-advanced guitar player who wants to study this style or develop more skills in this idiom. Beginners are not really concerned (there is no indication about right-hand picking and left-hand fingerings). The licks included in this book are very useful and it was the main purpose (very few theoretical considerations).

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 40 pages

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  1. Thanks you very much Faststrings! I like "Chicken Pickin" 🙂

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