David Baker The Blues PDF

David Baker - The Blues

Feb 5, 2021

David Baker The Blues PDF. The Blues Improvisational Patterns is a part of a series of pattern books predicated on the belief that while certain patterns seem to transcend eras and styles, the greater body of improvisational materials is of high specificity with regard to its time and place within the jazz continuum. Unlike the subjects of the other books in this series "The Bebop Era" (Volumes 1, 2 and 3) and "Contemporary Patterns", the blues is truly a music which does indeed transcend eras and styles and it is this pervasive, ubiquitous and universal quality which is addressed in this book.

Format: PDF, 96 pages

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  1. I really need this book, can you upload it to another host?

  2. Can't seem to figure out how to download blues patterns
    Thanks, Brad

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