David Baker A Creative Approach To Practicing Jazz PDF

David Baker - A Creative Approach To Practicing Jazz

Nov 22, 2023

David Baker A Creative Approach To Practicing Jazz PDF. A much heralded jazz practice method from leading educator/performer David Baker. David condenses a wealth of experience and knowledge into practice-specific ideas and exercises for all musicians. Subjects covered include practice goals, techniques and strategies, hearing, transcribing, playing with play-a-longs and "actual" recordings, tune memorization, self evaluation and much more. For any C, Eb, Bb, or bass instrument. Intermediate, advanced.
This is not a book filled with licks. It is a book filled with concepts that you apply to your own, or standards, or be-bop. It is a good book, but hard work. There is a lot of work in it if you are the sort or person that can take a concept and run with it.

Format: PDF, 70 pages

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16 comments on “David Baker - A Creative Approach To Practicing Jazz”

  1. Really practical and useful book for anyone who likes jazz.
    Thank you very much!

  2. Muuuchas graaacias a todos y todas que hacen posible todo esto, simplemente gracias.

  3. I would like to regiter myself. Books will come as a blessing. Thanx

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