David Baker How to Play Bebop Volume 1 PDF

David Baker - How to Play Bebop Volume 1

Nov 2, 2023

David Baker How to Play Bebop Volume 1 PDF. A three volume series that includes the scales, chords and modes necessary to play bebop music. A great introduction to a style that is most influential in today's music. The first volume includes scales, chords and modes most commonly used in bebop and other musical styles.
In volume 1 of the series he describes the bebop dominant and major scales scales are and also gives you some rules for using the scales to construct bebop lines. Some of this is quite technical and may put some readers off, but if you play through the examples and use your ears you will soon catch on.
This book will transform your playing and the way you think about creating riffs forever. After working through just the first few pages, and applying some of David Bakers Bebop rules, your own riffs will get that "Smooth & Cool" sound. You will need to read music (No TABs) & know a little bit of of jazz theory, such as basic scales, V of the V, and bV substitutes, II V I, passing tones... etc. to fully apply the ideas to your playing. David Baker gives clear examples so even the less "Theory-Minded" person will get something out of this book! Highly Recommended for all.... and a "Must" for you Bebop Cats.

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Format: PDF, 50 pages

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20 comments on “David Baker - How to Play Bebop Volume 1”

  1. The file is not corrupted, at least for me. Try to use another pdf reader.

  2. There are two PDF files in this archive. One PDF is Volume 1 and is in English. The second PDF is Volume 1, 2 & 3 and is in Italian. The English PDF only contains the front cover. (You can see it once had about 50 pages but only the front cover is still present.) Perhaps the file has become corrupted.

  3. Both books Italian and English packed to one archive. I don't know how you downloaded the books separately.

  4. Thank you for the reply. How do I determine which is English and which is Italian. I downloaded the Italian version unknowingly.

  5. David Baker โ€“ How to Play Bebop Volume 1.:This Book is not in English.

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  8. these books are great. thanx admin you are doing a wonderful work.

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