Dave Celentano Modal Jams & Theory PDF

Dave Celentano - Modal Jams & Theory

Feb 5, 2023

Dave Celentano Modal Jams & Theory PDF. Not only will this book show you how to play the modes, it will also show you the theory behind mode construction, how to play any mode in any key, how to play the proper mode over a given chord progression, and how to write chord progressions for each of the seven modes. The accompanying CD includes two rhythm tracks (drums, bass, keyboard and rhythm guitar) and a short solo for each mode so guitarists can practice their solos with a "real" band!
Very clear, easy to understand modes, chord theory. Fretboard diagrams are invaluable. Mode applications at the back are great. They show what you can do with each one. Also, he tells briefly which greats use each mode. Cd helps students hear what a great guitarist can sound like. Dave Celentano makes it easy to understand. Simply written. If you have trouble understanding the modes, check out this book. Another great book by Dave for study Dave Celentano - Monster Scales and Modes

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 40 pages

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12 comments on “Dave Celentano - Modal Jams & Theory”

  1. Most instructional guitar books don't explain the chords you need to use when playing the modes. Modal jams do! thank you.

  2. Ola pessoal,gostei muito desse saite e gostaria de ta participando sempre,pq tem muita coisas interesante pra quem gosta mesmo de estudar musica!Obr

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