B.B. King – Blues Master Complete (Book)

Jan 24 2022

B.B. King – Blues Master Complete (Book)

B.B. King Blues Master Complete PDF. Blues Master I, II, and III books packaged together, a color poster and even a B.B. King guitar pick. Performance notes, harmonic analysis and rhythm guitar parts make this  the perfect package for mastering the blues idiom. This book is additional stuff for the video B.B. King – Blues Master. So we recommend to study with DVD. Learn all you can. Learn to play the basics first, then expand your technique, but don’t forget the little things that become so important: dynamics, note choice, phrasing.

Songs include:

  • You Upset Me Baby
  • Rock Me Baby
  • Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
  • The Thrill is Gone
  • You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
  • Payin’ The Cost To Be The Boss
  • Three O’Clock Blues
  • When It All Comes Down, I’ll Still Be Around
  • Every Day I Have The Blues
  • All Over Again
  • Sweet Little Angel

Format: PDF, 75 pages

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  1. mwarch /

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    Can you post part 2 and 3?!

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  16. hehehuhe /

    reupload book 1,2 and 3 please.. :-)

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    KIng Blues Masters Complete PDF download only has book 1 of the 3(75pages of 244) available: there

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    @admin: hey guys, great site! B.B KIng Blues Masters Complete PDF download only has book 1 of the 3(75pages of 244) available: therefore incomplete! Please can admin upload book 2 & 3. I need more BEEEBEEE.
    Thanks for everything tho! :-)

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