FAQ & Help

  • How can I download from FastStrings?

To download from FastStrings you need to have free account.

  • What is the .rar? I tried to open with all my video players, but no luck.

.RAR files are data containers, they store one or several files in the compressed form. You need to unpack its contents in order to use it. Recommended software WinRAR.

  • I can see 4 parts of some video, do I need to download all of them?

Yes. To watch the video you need to download absolutely all parts (splitted archive) then unpack using WinRAR.

  • How to unpack with WinRAR?

To unpack with WinRAR just “Right Click” on the 1st part and click ” Extract here”. Now, it should pack them together, and it will end up with folder or .ISO image or something else. Click here to watch the video in YouTube.

  • I need only one file from the pack, but I don’t know which part contains that file. How can I download necessary file?

You need to download ALL parts because it’s impossible to determine in which part stored necessary file.

  • I would like to contribute something. How can I do it, to whom may I concern my proposition?

Please use “Contact Us” form to send your proposition.

  • I have some question. How can I contact somebody?

Please use Contact Us form to send us questions, requests.