Pat Martino Linear Expressions PDF

Pat Martino - Linear Expressions

Nov 18, 2022

Pat Martino Linear Expressions PDF. Legendary guitarist Pat Martino shares his personal formula for chord conversions with you. This uniquely simple system allows you to think melody, not theory. Amply illustrated with some of Pat's favorite lines.
To learn the guitar well, is to systematically study the fundamentals. It's important, but can be boring. Pats book isn't boring at all. Using melodic long lines consisting of various very cool motifs strung together in a single position, Pat has provided a perfect vehicle to learn the guitar and jazz at the same time. Each scale position on the guitar has material using the same scale but with different motifs. Each one is 5 measures of music, so they are pretty easy to learn and not at all boring like scale exercises often are. Once you get these under your fingers, it's easy to transfer motifs from one position to another. Analyze the voice leading to see the types of sounds you like. Learn to start any portion of 1 or 2 measures on different beats. Try modifying the straight eight not rhythms.
Words alone can't describe the incredible value in Pat Martino's technique, and the fact that he was willing to share his invention with the public at large is a nothing less than gift to humanity!

Format: PDF, 63 pages

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