Steve Trovato Country Solos for Guitar PDF

Steve Trovato - Country Solos for Guitar

Jul 3, 2023

Steve Trovato Country Solos for Guitar PDF. This unique book/CD pack lets guitarists examine the solo styles of axe masters such as Chet Atkins, James Burton, Ray Flacke, Albert Lee, Scotty Moore, Roy Nichols, Jerry Reed and others. It covers techniques including hot banjo rolls, funky double stops, pedal-steel licks, open-string licks and more, in standard notation and tab with phrase-by-phrase performance notes. The CD includes full demonstrations and rhythm-only tracks.
This is a really a fun, easy to use book. The solos are really very musical and not at all exercise-y. What's better is that they're broken down into very usable blocks that you can take and make your own. That said, the explanations are a little too in-depth. There's no need to write out what finger is being used in every note of the book when it could have easily been put under the notes on the actual music. What is useful is that Steve meticulously explains his picking technique, which with hybrid picking is a big help. He always has great licks, and he breaks them down so they are understandable. He has a great passion for the music and teaching. You can feel it when you watch the videos. Heart and soul was put into this book. This may not be a beginner book, but intermediate players can definitely pick it up and have some fun, the solos are long, but the licks are great, and he breaks the solos up into phrases. There are paragraphs written about each phrase dissecting the licks, why they work, and tips on how to play them. This is a great book and Steve is a great player and teacher.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 79 Pages

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6 comments on “Steve Trovato - Country Solos for Guitar”

  1. This book is rally useful and gives you a lot of good stuff to improve your playng.
    Thanks a lot

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