Ron Spagnardi Paradiddle Power PDF

Ron Spagnardi - Paradiddle Power

Dec 30, 2020

Ron Spagnardi Paradiddle Power PDF. Increasing Your Technique on the Drumset with Paradiddles. Written by the founder, publisher & editor of Modern Drummer magazine, Paradiddle Power is a unique study of the many applications of single, double, and triple paradiddles around the drumset, designed to increase players' speed, creativity, and fluency.
I had been practicing paradiddles on the snare drum and the practice pad but was having trouble getting anything creative or inspiring out of it when trying to actually apply it to different drums, more musically. This book helped me make that leap!
As he states in the book, you should be really familiar with your single/double/triple paradiddles before getting into these practices. Being familiar with them already, I was finally able to paradiddle my way around the drumkit, opening up a world of musical possibility for solos and fills.
I ended up saving money since I didn't have use for a drum teacher suddenly. Only book I've seen that was designed to open up the paradiddle to practical use!

Format: PDF, 100 pages

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