Robert Renman - Blues Booster

Robert Renman - Blues Booster

Jun 28, 2018

Robert Renman's Blues Booster. Blues Booster is very likely the ticket to your own personal musical renaissance. It’s chock-full of creative, harmonic and technical epiphanies that you’ll be able to put to work immediately without having to struggle through tedious theory or boring exercises. In fact, spend just fifteen minutes with any lesson within the course and you’ll have something fresh and interesting to play that very night at the jam or with your buds.
Robert has organized Blues Booster into two sections. In the first section, Robert guides you through 15 Key Concepts and Techniques, which will majorly boost your blues musicality by adding more colors, textures and rhythmic approaches to your solos and improvisations. Robert explains, demonstrates and shows you how to apply Intervals, Mixolydian Mode, Minor Blues Scale, Hybrid Scales, Dorian Mode, Triads, Diminished Scale, Triplets, Rhythmic Phrasing, Hybrid Picking, 2-Note Hammers & Pull-Offs, Slide In/Slide Out, Chromatic Passing Notes, Skip the 2nd and the The Moving 4.
You’ll also play your way through the second section, as you apply all of the concepts and techniques from the first section, across six bluesy performance studies, in a variety of tempos, feels and keys. The Bye Babe Boogie, Funky Rhumba, Dorian Funk, Fat Groove, Texas Twist and Minor Swing performance studies all feature a rhythm track, which Robert will demonstrate over, after which he will breakdown his performance identifying the key concepts and techniques in play. You’ll then work with the rhythm track on your own, soloing and improvising using those key concepts and techniques.
All of the performances are tabbed and notated, plus you’ll get Guitar Pro files as well along with all of the rhythm tracks that Robert uses to demonstrate over.

Language: English
Year: 2014
Running time: 02:44:00
Quality: DATA-DVD
Video: MP4, 864x486 (16:9), 1105 Kbps, 29.970 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 Kbps, 44100 Khz, 2 ch
Booklet: No
Size: 1.47 Gb

Robert Renman - Blues Booster

Robert Renman - Blues Booster

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7 comments on “Robert Renman - Blues Booster”

  1. Thanks for your help, Gardy; i found a site where i could dl .rar 5.5 for free, then i was able to assemble and play this vid just fine.

  2. Other videos can be archived with old winrar (rar4). If this video archived with new winrar (rar5) your old software won't support it. Good luck

  3. i went to the winrar on my desktop and clicked "properties," but i couldn't find what version.
    It shouldn't matter; i've already told you that i've had no problem extracting any other file from here.

  4. What is the version of your WinRAR? Does it support winrar5 archives?

  5. There's no need to update my software; i've dl'ed well over a hundred vids so far prior to this one, and have downloaded/extracted/played another since this one - and have begun yet another. i use winrar; works fine, based on the last vid dl'ed and played. Thanks for replying, though.

  6. Impossible to re-assemble this file. Dl'd all 4 files x2. Error msg. says "no files found," even though the first 3 show as 500mb and the last as 6.22mb.

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