Robert Calva Blues/Rock Soloing for Guitar PDF

Robert Calva - Blues/Rock Soloing for Guitar

Aug 18, 2022

Robert Calva Blues/Rock Soloing for Guitar PDF. There is a good amount of licks from different styles and the integration of the licks into the tracks on the CD are really good. There is a nice variety of songs and some basic scale and music theory. It takes you through about 10 or 11 mainly blues based tracks. First the major licks for each piece are explained with some theory. Then the whole solo is played with both a rhythm only and rhythm with lead tracks. Further additional theory/explanation is give prior to each major solo. The author is obviously a great guitar player and draws a lot from Stevie Ray Vaughn and Johnny Winter. The solo are fairly fast though not impossible for an intermediate player if learned in stages.
This private lesson with Robert Calva covers: 10 complete solos in notes & tab; common scales and licks; blues, major, minor and combined tonalities; playing over changes; recommended listening; and more. Each musical example is demonstrated on the accompanying CD, which also includes rhythm-only tracks so you can practice your own solos.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 87 pages

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  1. Un millon de gracias por todo lo que estoy aprendiendo gracias a usted!

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