Richie Zellon 20th Century Jazz Guitar PDF

Richie Zellon - 20th Century Jazz Guitar

Jul 14, 2023

Richie Zellon 20th Century Jazz Guitar PDF. Selected phrases by its most influential artists. The initial purpose of this collection which is to provide brief samples of each stylistic era within the evolution of jazz guitar. There are a few favorites from the Swing Era, the Bebop Era, the Post-Bop Era, the Fusion Era and others.
Jazz is a language with a unique grammar, somewhat functionally similar to that of a non musical language.
This collection of phrases is meant to provide the student with a glimpse into the creative mind of each artist when analyzing the melodic composition of his lines. In doing so the aspiring improviser will gain knowledge as to how a master player combines a set of harmonic resources (eg. scales, arpeggios) to create his vocabulary. To facilitate this, each transcription has been identified by cadence (eg. II - V). Consequently, in order to derive improvisational vocabulary modeled after a transcription, a working knowledge of harmonic and melodic analysis is required on behalf of the student. The lack thereof, will otherwise lead to the memorization of a phrase that has no continuity in a solo; versus the spontaneous construction of that which seamlessly fits into the context of the given harmony.

Format: PDF, 114 pages

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