Pure Energy - Tony Royster Jr.

Pure Energy - Tony Royster Jr.

Oct 19, 2020

Tony Royster’s follow up to his hit video "Common Ground" is nothing but Pure Energy! Overhead camera angles capture every fill as Tony and band weave their way through several musical styles -from R&B to Fusion, Jazz and Rock it’s all here! Hip-Hop drumming superstar Nisan Stewart joins in as the two solo side by side, then rap about their influences and discuss the finer points of laying it down.
Next, Tony breaks down his hand and foot technique, demonstrates his fluid soloing style and talks gear, all in High Definition and 5.1 Surround. Get Pure Energy and get ready to take your drumming to the next level!
Tony Royster jr, is just a young amazingly fast and talented drummer! He has awesome speeds, and can play different time signatures with a band. He has mad skills, with the drums and the sticks. Well, we don't need to write lots of things do describe this DVD... The outstanding performance by Tony is heavily registered on this DVD. He is a real genius and perform with a exceptional talent an excellent blend of songs and different ways of playing... simply rocks!
In this dvd, Tony jams along with his band through 5 or 6 songs. The really cool thing is you can set it on the "alternate angle", which will fix the camera view on an over-head shot, split with a shot of his double bass drums.

Language: English
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Running time: 93 min
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (16:9) 29.97fps 7500Kbps
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 448Kbps
Booklet: No
Size: 4.7 Gb

Pure Energy - Tony Royster Jr.
Pure Energy - Tony Royster Jr.
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12 comments on “Pure Energy - Tony Royster Jr.”

  1. I've observed the matter: trying to play the archives independently with VLC may produce eventually the crossovers and leaps, but reproducing it with a DVD player or simply with the Windows Media Player plays it correctly. So if someone is experiencing the same problem, that's the solution.
    Thank you so much Admin, the DVD is excellent!

  2. thanks!... great video of a great drummer,
    that tony guy is one of my fav drummer

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