Peter Erskine Drum Concepts and Techniques PDF

Peter Erskine - Drum Concepts and Techniques

Jun 2, 2021

Peter Erskine Drum Concepts and Techniques PDF. Peter Erskine is a world-renowned jazz/fusion drummer. This book on Erskine's concepts and techniques behind jazz drumming is for the beginning to intermediate drummer and covers topics like drum set up, beats, brushes, phrasing, reading, etc. Includes a full discography of Erskine's performances. Peter Erskine: "In this book, I am going to share my drumming experiences and philosophies with you. We shall explore all of the rhythmic influences that make up my understanding of music - in other words, my drumming vocabulary and techniques.

Book contents:

  • Autobiography
  • Setup of the drums
  • Ride Cymbal Concept & Technique
  • Independence
  • Basic Independence Exercises
  • Slow And Fast Tempos
  • Straight(er) Eighth-Note rhythms-accentes and variations
  • Beats
  • Brushes
  • Practice
  • Phrasing
  • Reading
  • Tuning
  • General Professional Advice
  • Discography

Format: PDF, 97 pages

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