Mike Johnston Linear Drumming PDF

Mike Johnston - Linear Drumming

Jan 13, 2024

Mike Johnston Linear Drumming PDF. Each page takes you through a step by step process to help you build speed and freedom around the kit. In this book, Mike takes the student through a bunch of linear patterns for the drums. The teaching technique is simple but good. The first line lists out the sticking pattern along with the note structure.
There is a very dominant pattern running through the book, as well. Asking you to get comfortable with the pattern before moving on with it. This can sometimes be a trying process, with great rewards. Every pattern throughout the book has asked you for four limbed independence, even if it's just asking you to keep a quarter note pulse with your left foot.

Format: PDF, 83 pages

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42 comments on “Mike Johnston - Linear Drumming”

  1. Ive been looking for this for like forever! Thank you!! This is awesome!

  2. Great book! This book has tons of good drumming licks in it.

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