Larry McCabe Anthology Of American Rock & Roll Guitar Styles PDF

Larry McCabe - Anthology Of American Rock & Roll Guitar Styles

Feb 16, 2022

Larry McCabe Anthology Of American Rock & Roll Guitar Styles PDF. This is a chronological presentation of 25 American Rock `n' Roll styles: Country, Blues, Swing, Fast R&B, 50's Ballad-style, Rock-a-Billy, 50's Blues Rock, Prom-Disco, Surf Guitar, Folk/Folk Rock, Soul, Garage Band, Psychedelic, 60's Blues Rock, Boogie, Light-Rock, Funk, Country Rock, Heavy Rock, Southern Rock Twin, Eight Bar Blues, Minor Blues, Latin Rock, Jazz Rock, and New Age. Each of the styles have introductory notes that include the lingo, or vernacular illustrating the atmosphere each style was generated in. Each style has a description and 2 examples: one each of that style's guitar rhythm and one of each of that style's guitar solo. Two very helpful sections are included, one in the Guide to Symbols and Notation, the other in Appendix B" "The Mechanics of Rock And Roll. This book begins with a thorough guide to symbols and notation: fingering, (standard and tablature) vibrato- subdued and expressive, slurs - slide up, slide down, slide up form an unspecified pitch, fall-off, hammer-on, pull-off, staccato, ghost note, chicken picking, chord scratch, grace note, pinched notes, string bending, grace note bending, bend-up, silent release, bend up, release bend, pre-bend - pick-release, hold bend - pick release. Appendix B: Melody Major and Natural Minor Scales; Diatonic Triads in Major and Minor Keys, 12 Bar Blues, The "Six Chord Rock System", Meter, Straight Eight Time, Triplet Feel-Compound Meter, Triplet Feel Written in 3/4 or 4/4 time, Swing Eighth Notes, The Shuffle, and Sixteenth Note Feel

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 113 pages

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