Michael Hawley Red Hot Country Guitar PDF

Michael Hawley - Red Hot Country Guitar

Aug 2, 2021

Michael Hawley Red Hot Country Guitar PDF. Hawley starts off with a basic intro to chickin pickin. He then explains the scales used in country music from minor and major pentatonic to a country composite scale. Then he proceeds into open chord licks (uses the CAGED method)and focuses on different licks involving the open chord forms. The chapter concludes with 2 solos that are great in that they incorporate the licks previously presented in the chapter into a cohesive solo. He moves on to movable barre chord licks. He shows you the open chord licks applied to movable barre chord forms. They are similar yet distinct from the open chord licks. The chapter on double stops has a lot of information and ideas to get you playing and creating. He does the typical major 6th double stops but also a harmonizing of a hexatonic major scale (major scale with no 7th scale degree) and harmonizing using parallel major and minor pentatonics with well composed licks to get the sound and point across. Does anyone really read this? Bending and Open string licks are the next two chapters. The bending chapter has some of the best examples to illustrate how bending in country is different from rock and blues guitar. Hawley does a great job explaining oblique bends, scale bends, chord bends, and behind the nut bends. The bending chapter concludes with a solo called faux steel (which is a bunch of pedal steel licks put together). The open string chapter is another great chapter that really starts to bring the advanced technique in. He goes over some scales for open strings and gives another round of nuts and bolts examples of how these can fit into country music. This chapter doesn't really have a solo though. The final chapter is a look at all the master licks from many country guitarist. It includes two licks each in the style of Danny Gatton, Pete Anderson, Albert Lee, Reggie Young, Ray Flacke, Brent Mason, and Johnny Hiland.

Lessons include:

  • Chicken Picken'
  • The Country Composite Scale
  • Mapping the Fretboard
  • Double Stops
  • Oblique Bends
  • Behind-the-Nut Bends
  • Faux Steel
  • Mixolydian
  • Repetitive Patterns
  • Links in the Styles of the Masters
  • The Chromatic Scale
  • And More!

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 90 pages

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  1. Yes, I read the descriptions! They're often very helpful. Thanks!

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