Marc Ensign Slappin' PDF

Marc Ensign - Slappin'

Jul 26, 2023

Marc Ensign Slappin' PDF. A Complete Study of Slap Technique for Bass. Gleaned from years of teaching, performance, and listening experience -bass players at all levels will benefit from studying the numerous exercises, grooves, and musical examples offered in this book. Whether you are into funk, RB, fusion, jazz, rock, punk, reggae, alternative music, or any other style; the slap technique will find a niche in your bass playing vocabulary.
Chapter headings include: Technique, Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs, Ghost Notes, Left Hand Slap, Open Strings, Double Slap, Double Stops, Double Pops, Other Licks and Tricks, and Advanced Grooves Solos Using All Techniques. The author strongly advises the student to play each lesson slowly until the exercise or principle being illustrated is thoroughly mastered. Written in notation and tablature.
Graduated exercises from simple individual slap and pop through to some seriously intricate final grooves. To qualify as a "complete study of slap technique", there maybe could have been more on taking these techniques and applying them in real songs in a band setting, not just a set of short individual exercises. But as the author says, if you get good enough to do the last few sets, you should be developing your own ideas by then.
Lets be honest NO book will teach you to be a Mark King overnight and Marc D Ensign (the Author) constantly stresses build up slowly so you will need a lot of patience and perseverance.
You start with Thumb exercise then pop, then add hammer ons moving on to ghost notes and then the icing on the cake the left hand slap. Its all there with some great exercise and grooves.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 32 pages

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