Duck Baker Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 101 PDF

Duck Baker - Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 101

Jul 30, 2023

Duck Baker Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 101 PDF. A collection of 12 great acoustic blues guitar solos by Duck Baker in notation and tablature. The solos are intermediate to advanced in difficulty and successfully capture the earthy myriad of influences comprising classic American blues guitar stylings. Chords, scales, keys and turnarounds for the blues are taught in this method book. Standard notation and tablature. All songs from the book are included on the CD.
The title for this book is a little misleading - there is nothing "101" or basic about this book. But it does contain some terrific and challenging blues and blues based fingerstyle solos. Seriously, this will keep even an advanced guitarist busy for some time.
There is a very useful chapter on theory as it applies to fingerstyle blues guitar, and other discussions scattered throughout the book that accompany and explain the songs.
The performance cd is a joy to listen to. Baker is a terrific performer and arranger. His performances have a fire and a flow that make them exciting and beautiful.
Unlike some of the old Kicking Mule transcriptions, Baker's solos here are tabbed out here pretty much in their entirety, with variations and all. A lot of work went into this book.
Be aware that this book takes an expansive view of "blues" - that is, this isn't just a collection of 12-bar solos in different keys, just as Blind Blake didn't sit around playing 12 bar solos his entire career. All of the selections are very musical and cleverly developed to sustain interest. Many of the songs feature unusually clever interplay between the bass and melody lines that uses leading tones, counterpoint, etc, rather than just sticking with "boom-chuck" alternating bass.


  • The Jackson Stomp
  • Make Me a Pallet on your Floor
  • Seven Point One
  • E Blues #1
  • Sister Kate
  • Blues in A
  • E Blues #2
  • The Mighty Midget
  • Baby Let Me Follow You Down
  • Still Staggerin'
  • The Deep Blue C
  • The Dirtman Cometh

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 80 pages

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