Leo Traversa Fusion: A Study In Contemporary Music For The Bass PDF

Leo Traversa - Fusion: A Study In Contemporary Music For The Bass

Jun 21, 2021

Leo Traversa Fusion: A Study In Contemporary Music For The Bass PDF. The genre Fusion, as the name implies, is a blend of many styles and influences. This book and CD utilize four tunes as a basis to show how this fusion-blending process occurs and expose you to major trends that exist. The CD contains a performance demo and then a version without the bass for you to play-along.
In this book, the subject of contemporary fusion is covered progressively. Simply read the first chart and listen to it. Then read and listen to the last 2 and you will see this is designed to truly teach you something! What a concept. The progressive nature of this book is very satisfying if you wanted help taking your skills in reading, listening and writing music to the next level (certainly true as a self-teaching bass player). The book covers individual progressive/fusion concepts in rhythm, harmony and so forth, then shows you the concepts through the context of 4 very different charts. You also get the double take treatment, meaning you get the demo track with full band followed by the "minus bass" track. This is straight standard notation. No TABS, which is a good thing if you want to play music with more advanced musicians.
f your ears are very knowledgeable on fusion music, you may be a bit disappointed in the overall selection of charts covered. This book certainly could use 2 more volumes. You will not get too much of an opportunity to cover traditional walking lines in a modern fusion context which you often hear with payers like Anthony Jackson or John Pattitucci. There is not much for neo-soul crossover here either. This mostly contains light funk influences and some afro-cuban styles in a modern jazz/rock context. So, if you really like names like Robert Glasper, "Thundercat" Stephen Bruner, Hiromi Uehara or Simon Philips and so on, you may be left wanting a bit more.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 33 pages

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  1. Prior comment can be deleted. I was able to open the rar file, but only under a wildcarded format in 7Zip. And the website is still awesome!

  2. I have downloaded this one twice, and cannot open the rar file.

    This website is awesome! First problem I've had.

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