Jon Liebman Bass Aerobics PDF. Bass Builders

Jon Liebman - Bass Aerobics

Dec 7, 2021

Jon Liebman Bass Aerobics PDF. Bass Builders. Perfect for beginning to advanced players, this book with online audio access by world-renowned bassist and educator Jon Liebman provides a 52-week, one-exercise-per-week workout program for developing, improving and maintaining bass guitar technique. Liebman teaches: chromatics; scales & arpeggios; string-crossing and advanced patterns; slapping & popping; and more all in styles ranging from rock, funk and R&B to jazz, disco, reggae and more. Bassists using Bass Aerobics will benefit from increased speed, improved dexterity, better accuracy and heightened coordination not to mention an awesome new groove vocabulary! The accompanying online audio contains all 52 workout grooves for both demonstration and play-along.
This book is great if you are either self or teacher taught bassist. This book is unique because offers you to exercise your technique (and does it hard) while maintaining 'the music', because while practicing you have to read music, and not senseless licks and scales like always happens.
It begins very softly with easy exercises (and easy note and time intervals) so even a good-willing beginner can afford it and then slowly get to harder and harder exercises.
The chromatics section at the start of the book is brilliant for many reasons: It builds and improves individual finger strength and dexterity, but the exercises are fun to play because they GROOVE. It's Liebman's mantra really, the need to groove. This is what makes this book stand out from other 'workout' books, like say Bass Fitness; this book got tired very quickly because you're just running mindless exercises with no musicality.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 116 pages

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  1. How do I download the audio tracks for my Bass Aerobics book?

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