Jon Gindick Rock n' Blues Harmonica PDF

Jon Gindick - Rock n' Blues Harmonica

May 28, 2021

Jon Gindick Rock n' Blues Harmonica PDF. A world of harp knowledge, songs, stories, lessons, riffs, techniques and audio index for a new generation of harp. NOT AN INSTANT HARMONICA BOOK! Jon Gindick's method is one of the most complete harmonica books ever. Rock n' Blues Harmonica uses fact, fiction, illustration and notation to teach Music Theory 101, chord progressions, puckering, tongueblocking, octaves, tongue-slaps, headshakes, vibrato, bends, overblows, secrets of great tone, and much more.
It's a good introduction to playing blues in second position. All 20 notes are separated into one of three categories: Resolution, Wailing, or Stepping Stone notes.
Four notes are Resolution notes and then all of the inhale notes are wailing and the blow notes are stepping stone notes. Pretty simple system requiring almost no music theory. "If you're wailing, you should be inhaling!"
Several basic riffs are given with an emphasis on being able to play the same riff many different ways to make it sound distinctly different.
An introduction to 12 bar blues chord structure is given and examples of how to play these riffs over those 12 bar progressions are explained.
Second position playing of first position songs are explored. Bluesification of common songs makes them sound great. Jon has another whole book tabbing out several popular songs in second position and showing the integration of his blues riffs into those songs.
Excellent book for beginners. If you've never had a harp in your mouth and don't even know which one to choose, the guidance is here. By the end of the day with this book and some work, you won't be Little Walter but you won't sound like a wounded animal either.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 228 pages

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