Joe Stump Guitar Sweep Picking & Arpeggios PDF

Joe Stump - Guitar Sweep Picking & Arpeggios

Nov 22, 2021

Joe Stump Guitar Sweep Picking & Arpeggios PDF. Sweep picking and arpeggios are among the most useful hard rock/metal/shred techniques, though they are also applicable to any style. Joe Stump takes you through studies, etudes, and track excerpts ranging from the basic aspects of arpeggio play to some of the most technically intense sweep-picking material you'll ever encounter. These demonstrations, exercises and play-along tracks will help you master sweeping as you practice them with a full band, in real musical settings. Tablature is included.
This book is perfect for guitarists, who need to get their hands dirty with sweep picking arpeggios. This book will help you get started. It will start you from scratch: from 2 string arpeggios to 6 string arpeggios and even some string skipping arpeggio patterns, covering mostly Major, Minor, and Diminished Triads. The exercises are in triplets, sixteenths, and sixtuplets rhythm. It is very progressive and hands on. If you dedicate some time practicing all the exercises and songs of this book everyday, playing the exercises with the correct sweep picking technique, then you will definitely master sweep picking within one year.
Excellent book. Very thorough instructions, that emphasizes musicality and technical ability... This is why Joe is an incredible player and teacher!

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 122 pages

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