Joshua Craig Podolsky Shredding Acoustic Guitar PDF

Joshua Craig Podolsky - Shredding Acoustic Guitar

Apr 30, 2021

Joshua Craig Podolsky Shredding Acoustic Guitar PDF. Tap into the purity of the acoustic guitar while you put the pedal to the metal and SHRED! Master shredder Joshua Craig Podolsky covers all the most important techniques and concepts, including shred rhythms, how to develop speed and dexterity, scales and fingerings, patterns and sequences, arpeggios, chromaticism, and tremolo picking.
He also provides lots of fun examples, licks, and etudes to play in standard music notation and TAB. Easy-to-read neck diagrams make learning scales and arpeggios effortless. Joshua's approach encourages the player to focus on technique, phrasing, and other musical concepts that might otherwise get lost when playing a distorted, effects-laden electric guitar. The accompanying CD features inspiring demonstrations played with jaw-dropping speed. Shredding Acoustic Guitar is a must-have for any serious shredder and will lead you to pure and straightforward shredding on the acoustic guitar that will impress musicians and audiences alike. This is book is actually full of easy lessons, step by step. Easy to learn, with practice anyone can learn to Shred!


  • Loads of scales, modes, patterns, and sequences designed specifically for the acoustic guitar
  • Amazing arpeggios and licks
  • Lots of acoustic shredding tips
  • Blazing chromatic lines and etudes
  • Tremolo picking with one-string modal scales
  • How to develop speed and dexterity

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 67 pages

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4 comments on “Joshua Craig Podolsky - Shredding Acoustic Guitar”

  1. thanks for this book.. i have several id like to share in return

  2. Nice book and very useful for me! Thank you very much :yourock: 😉

  3. Great addition to Faststrings,my friend!Keep it up :rockin:

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