Guitar Legends #111 2009 All Hail The Kings of Shred PDF

Guitar Legends #111 (2009) - All Hail The Kings of Shred

Aug 20, 2023

Guitar Legends #111 2009 All Hail The Kings of Shred PDF. Guitar Legends magazine PDF download. Guitar Legends Magazine is a special choice magazine for everyone who likes to read about master guitarists of all times. There comes some top class features with excellent collection of photos, interviews and exclusive features on guitarists.
Every issue of this magazine has transcriptions of five songs. You will find the tablature of the songs, which you can play at your leisure. If you have been looking for great songs to practice on your guitar, this magazine delivers you some nice choices. This magazine features only the legends. The true legends that have made their mark on the world of music get due attention through this magazine. Every issue of this magazine has the special choice read on all time favourite guitarists.

Guitar Legends #111 (2009) - All Hail The Kings of Shred contents:

  • Transcribed: "Far Beyond The Sun" by Yngwie Malmsteen; "For The Love Of God" by Steve Vai; "Constant Motion" by Dream Theater; "Summer Song" by Joe Satriani;
  • Joe Satriani & Steve Vai: 1990 - They started out as teacher and student, mentor and protege, and great friends. In this 1990 interview, Satch and Vai discuss their formative years and the influences that shaped their destinies.
  • Joe Satriani & Steve Vai: 2007 - Two decades after their rise, the two guitar legends look back on their careers and friendship and talk about the road ahead.
  • Steve Vai's 30-hour workout - It's the ultimate exercise for serious shredders. Clear your mind - and your schedule - and get ready to follow the guitar master's comprehensive path to virtuoso enlightenment.
  • Steve Morse & John Petrucci - It's a progressive-rock super summit! Steve Morse and Dream Theter's John Petrucci exchange notes on shredding, and their chemistry is undeniable.
  • Yngwie's Prime Cuts - In this album-by-album overview, Yngwie Malmsteen reveals the untold stories of his crowning achievements.

Text Format PDF, 85 pages

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