Guitar Techniques October 2008 PDF

Guitar Techniques October 2008

Jan 22, 2024

Guitar Techniques October 2008 PDF and Mp3 CD complete issue, cover to cover. Take the UK's foremost guitar teachers and players, and transfer their finesse and passion for music into a magazine! The magazine has established itself with guitarists who wish to better themselves as musicians in both the UK, Europe and as far afield as the USA and Hong Kong! When it comes to choosing music, GT's Abba to Zappa policy means that there's always something for everyone! Future Music brings you the most in-depth news and reviews from respected industry professionals. We'll also give you all the advice you need to get the most from your current set-up, and interviews with musicians at the cutting-edge of technology.

Guitar Techniques October 2008 (#157) contents:

  • UFO: Lights out - Jamie Humphries transcribes one of UFO's most famous rockers, featuring a solo from the one and only Michael Schenker
  • 50 Rock licks You need to know! - John Wheatcroft shows you how to increase your rock soloing potential, and boost your fretboard knowledge at the same time
  • Huey Lewis & The News: The Power Of Love - One of the greatest hits of the '80s, featured in Back To The Future and transcribed exclusively for you by Job Bishop-includes riff and solo!
  • Lessons introduction - Captain Sidwell issues strict instructions. You WILL obey his command!
  • Blues - Play like John Lee Hooker
  • Classic Rock - Martin Cooper looks at the style of Rainbow
  • Reggae - Play reggae like Stevie Wonder!
  • American Icons - Gianluca Corona meets Creedence Clearwater Revival's John Fogerty
  • Country - Dario Cortese, our very own country boy, puts his mettle to the pedal
  • Creative Rock - Shaun Baxter talks about Coltrane Changes and tetrachords
  • Jazz - Pete Callard concludes his look at the style of jazz piano legend Bill Evans
  • Acoustic - Stuart Ryan on John Denver
  • RGT Grade 6 - A Grade 6 acoustic blues piece

Original CD mp3 Tracks included. Video lesson included
Text Format PDF, 92 pages

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