Gary Willis Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar and Bass PDF

Gary Willis - Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar and Bass

Jul 24, 2021

Gary Willis Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar and Bass PDF. Gary Willis is well known within the bass community as one of its shining lights. He is a fierily original soloist and has a virtuosic technique that allows him to lay down some of the funkiest 16th note grooves out there. He is also an original thinker too - just about anything he has to say on the topic of the bass guitar is worth listening to.
The book starts off simply with major scale intervals and labels. It progresses to the minor scale and the intervals within the minor scales. And from there it moves to chromatic intervals. Once you have assimilated these intervals you then move onto triads in various inversions. Then rhythm, Then seventh chords. Then alterations and extensions to seventh chords. There are exercises for you to do within the book, and also tests to see how you are doing.  This book will give you a good framework to set up a thorough ear training practice regime that will help master this.
This complete method for the practicing musician covers: intervals, rhythms and melodic shapes; inversions, scales, chords, extensions and alterations; fretboard visualization, fingering diagrams; and much more. The CD includes 99 full-demo tracks.

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Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).  64 pages

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  1. Me gusta compartir mis libros pdf de bajo electrico con los demas, soy profesor del Conservatorio Nacional de Musica en Republica Dominicana.

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