Dave Celentano Flying Fingers PDF

Dave Celentano - Flying Fingers

Dec 10, 2023

Dave Celentano Flying Fingers PDF. With the help of this book/CD pack, your fingers will be flying over the guitar neck! It offers clear demonstrations of techniques proven to increase speed, precision and dexterity. 32 examples cover arpeggios, speed picking techniques, alternate picking, sweep picking, circular picking, melodic sequences, and more. The CD demonstrates each technique at three speeds: slow, medium and fast.
The first thing that the author goes over are types of vibrato, and their application. This is a useful technique to master - most educators who claim to teach "metal" or "hard rock" guitar demonstrate it at one point or another. Mr. Celentano also goes on to show how combinations of these techniques work in application, and afterwards uses the technique throughout the examples he shows in other sections of the book.
Three styles of picking are demonstrated. These are, really, just combinations of what we know as either alternate picking and sweep picking - circular picking being a combination of the two. Unfortunately, the author neglects the areas of tapping and pick/tap combinations (which he goes over in his other publications) and hybrid picking (using pick and one or two fingers on other strings). The latter is understandable, since the author's main focus is heavy metal soloing.
From there on, Mr. Celentano goes over various scale patterns and sequences. These are great for exercising, but by no means is this to be considered reference material for guitar exercises. Most of these are examples, that prompt the student to come up with his own licks and riffs for technical development.
Mr. Celentano also includes several pieces that require use of combinations of techniques covered in this book. Most of these compositions are original, and they aren't bad, albeit a bit cliche. But, as I said, the author effectively demonstrates a method of approach to technical development. The drawback of this publication, is that most of the actual development is left up to the student. Learn to play modes with Dave Celentano - Modal Jams & Theory. Watch how to play solos, download Dave Celentano - Advanced Rock Lead Guitar

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 41 pages

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